The tiny mod, started with a simple idea of small, playable piano in Minecraft, turned into big

modification, containing a lot of instruments, adding some cool stuff, and having some fans.


Thank you, guys, only you, and your interest in my mod make me continue the

work, add more instruments, and implement all - your and mine - ideas!


In MusicCraft 2.6, i decided to bring SMP compatibilty back.

However, only standing instruments work in multiplayer, the rest is only client-side.

This doesn't apply to MusicCraft for Minecraft 1.7+ - since 1.7 all added instruments work in multiplayer, including guitars. Have fun!


The instruments, that the mod adds:

Small Piano


Grand Piano

Drum kits in 5 colors






Guitars in 5 colors (NEW!)

Bass (NEW!)


French horns

NOTE: Instruments above can be used in multiplayer and they work there fine.

The ones below can be used with all its features only in singleplayer. This only happens in MusicCraft for Minecraft 1.6 or lower.

In MusicCraft for Minecraft 1.7+ ALL added instruments are Multiplayer-compatible!

These were standing instruments, now, instruments that a player has to hold. To hold them,

you first have to craft them (every holdable instrument has a stand, so final form of these instruments is * with stand), and then place. After that, right click it, and voila, you are holding it! Opening GUI and using it is specific in every type of instrument, its explained below it's description.

Guitars in 5 colors (OLD!)

Bass (OLD!)





That's it, for now there exist these instruments.

I will, of course, add more, so it's not all yet! :)

(*) Next to instrument means that it's NOT yet available in new versions of the mod (Minecraft 1.7+).